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Booking & Payments

Students attending private tuition in Kokido-Ryu-Ninjutsu can now pay in advance of there lessons prior to attending classes. Please book your private sessions with your Sensei or Instructor, and have confirmation before making your payment or payments for lessons in advance.

Private Tuition

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"Pay From One To Four Sessions In Advance" 

Payments can be made either by PayPal,  Credit or Debit Card. Please make sure you have contacted either the KMA Association or your Sensei ( Instructor ) before making a payment in order to confirm your booking dates and times, and availability of your bookings. Please give notice of 48hrs of any changes or consolations of booked lessons at the school, or you maybe charges for failure of notice. 

Students Tuition Pre-Payment

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Senior Members

Our four experts and administrators for social media websites, including our online school for the art of Kokido-Ryu-Ninjutsu-ninjutsu.

Sensei Treanor

Master of Arts of the Kokido-Ryu-Ninjutsu, Honjojutsu Katori Ryu, Battojutsu Katori Ryu, member of the Dark Arts Association.


Matt Lewis

Matt Lewis specialist in his field and a gifted shadow warrior, moral booster, and head hunter during the Shadow Trials.


Graham Blackford

Graham Blackford bush craft expert and trials champion, admin, and senior instructor, member of the Dark Arts Association.


Terry Lloyd

Terry Lloyd exceptional martial artist and weapons expert, member of the Dark Arts Association.