“The Way Of The Shadow Warrior"

KokidoRyuNinjutsu martial arts in Torquay is one of the most comprehensive disciplines of its kind, and is unique to this part of the Western World. The System is individualistic in method and practice for each student undergoing an education in the KokidoRyuNinjutsu. The arts itself translates as "Way of the Shadow Warrior", a loan assassin depicted during the Sengoku period of feudal Japan. Students will learn unique skill and abilities, gain confidence both armed and unarmed as a disciplined art form. Each students education in the system will be comprehensive and balanced, allowing each individual to explore strengths and weaknesses physically and mentally in order to transform into a more balanced frame of mind tactically and defensively. Your journey will be enriched with the knowledge of an ancient class of Shinobi Warriors learning one of most formidable of Martial Disciplines from the darkest periods of Japanese history, and learning skills and crafts that will forge you abilities now and into the future.

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"The Way Of The Shadow Warrior"

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