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Sode - Shoulder Armour

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The Sode - Shoulder armour is a masterful addition to your armoury. Beautifully constructed, paying every attention to detail for those wanting additional quality and durability when in the field, competition, or just to admire in the Dojo.

This is truly an awesome and visually distracting sight for any opponent to be faced with at first glance for sure?. Reinforced 8mm hg aluminium bar panels will protect Heart, Collarbone, Humorous, Shoulder Joint, Clavicle, Muscle and Ligaments, from way-wood or direct strikes from the sharpest of blades. The Sode has been constructed using 8 layers of twill fabric, Ribbed internally for reinforcement, strength and durability.

There are two sections with the Sode- Shoulder Armour, the hoto-o-no ita to protect the front and back of the body, then the Sode itself to protect the shoulder and upper arm, of which is fastened traditionally into position using rivets and ties to give the user full motion vital to defensive and offensive manoeuvres.

This Armour is lightweight and easy to wear, with three ties that keep everything together and where they should be?, especially when engaged in combat or on the move. Traditionally worn opposite from the weapon arm or positive side of the body, while using this armour as a defensive shield for counter strikes against an opponent.

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