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"About KMA Shop"

All our products from textiles to fabrications at our KMA Association workshops are manufactured with quality and attention to detail at every stage of construction and product assembly. All our staff are highly trained and self driven on the mindset of quality over quantity of output, as this will ensure customer satisfaction and reliability for each handmade product that leaves our workshops. All our products are tested for durability, functionality, style, and strength to ensure all our items hold up to the challenge during either field training or competitive exercises for each customer who purchases our products at the KMA Association Shop.

"Pattern Shop"
"Sewing Shop"
"Fabrication Shop"

The KMA stands for Kokido Ryu Ninjutsu Martial Arts and is an Association formed to combine and merge the very best not just in the collaboration of martial arts disciplines such as Kokido-Ryu-Ninjutsu and Honjojutsu-Katori-Ryu but also manufacturing of martial arts uniforms and accessories forming the Association as an Academy or school of ancient Japanese martial arts.
From our Online schools - the manufacturing of our high end products - and customer service the KMA Association is driven in regards to producing and aspiring towards the very best for our customers.  

"The KMA Craftsman"

Handmade is a measure of value,
Our value is measured through time,
Our times is intrinsic to living,
That living is set, not through mine,

To hand make will always seem pricey,
Of which many would question to shame,
its worth will always hold value,
For no-one but ourselves should we blame.

When thinking the cost of handmade,
Remember our time taken to create,
You are buying much more than you wonder,
You are buying much more than we make.

We lose a great deal through our passion,
With Hours we spend while you sleep,
Our craft comes from somewhere creative,
and not through those pockets so deep.

Give credit to the craftsman of plenty,
In the patience and time that we make,
For we ask only for what we consider,
Is a price we are willing to take.

By: Sensei Treanor

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