The Shadow Trials

"Looking the Part Is Over"

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"The KMA Challange Team"

Carry yourself with pride knowing you are here at the “Shadow Trials”.
Fear nothing and trust in you and your team to bring success. Yield your sword only to those mightier than yourself and only when all seems lost. Always keep moving forward and never wander or the “Shadow Stalkers” will claim there prize. Teams can engage in the “Dead Zones” but must enter the “Arenas” alone. Your objective is to claim the “Warriors Scroll” at the “Main Derelict Building”. Remember it is not so much the fastest but the smartest that will arrive first, and hopefully in one piece.

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Sensei Treanor winner of 60 solo duel challenges & 5 Shadow Trial Tournaments. Sensei is your main advisory in the fight to gain any advantage during the Shadow Trials. Speciality is Master or Arts.


Terry Lloyd AKA the Hammer is Sensei Treanor right hand man. Unrelenting and a formidable opponent within the Arena or Dead Zone during any Trial. Speciality is Tactical Expert, Survival, Weapons.


Graham Blackford AKA the Sunami, Special Forces trained, this Shadow Warrior is virtually unstoppable, and has one countless challenges single handed. Speciality is survival expert, weapons, explosives expert.


Matt Lewis AKA the Road Runner, Black Opps trained, and nobodies fool. If someone needs hunting down fast Matt will always find his target. Speciality is Tracking, Booby Traps, insendiary. 

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In the heart of the New Forest National Park, close to Rhinefield House, Mill Lawn Brook makes its way under some overhanging branches

Countdown To The Mock Trials

Arrive at least two hours prior to the 9.30am starting time on the morning of the event. All information will be provided by a Marshal on the day prior to the set off time. Starting point urst Rd, Burley, Ringwood BH24 4HP, Finishing point West Wellow, Romsey 4 hr56 min (15.0 miles) via Forest Rd.  Entrance fee must be paid 48hrs prior to the start of the event. No payment made is refundible if cansold or for none attendance. Disclaimer forms must be handed to the Marshal on the day of event.

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Senior Members

Our four experts and administrators for social media websites, including our online school for the art of Kokido-Ryu-Ninjutsu-ninjutsu.

Sensei Treanor

Master of Arts of the Kokido-Ryu-Ninjutsu, Honjojutsu Katori Ryu, Battojutsu Katori Ryu, member of the Dark Arts Association.


Matt Lewis

Matt Lewis specialist in his field and a gifted shadow warrior, moral booster, and head hunter during the Shadow Trials.


Graham Blackford

Graham Blackford bush craft expert and trials champion, admin, and senior instructor, member of the Dark Arts Association.


Terry Lloyd

Terry Lloyd exceptional martial artist and weapons expert, member of the Dark Arts Association.