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Haidate - Thigh Guards

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his traditional and fully functional Haidate is beautifully crafted and constructed in two separate parts, with each panel tied individually round the waist for additional support and sturdiness when on the move. Each panel is three layers thick with an outer trim covering the complete edge of the "Haidate". The "Haidate" are a late occurrence in Japanese armour, not really arriving on the scene until around the thirteenth century or the Sengoku period of feudal Japanese history. This design takes advantage and very much introduced into the outfit of the modern Shinobi Warrior as it is both tough, durable, and very practical for the 21st century style of armour. The perfect addition for either field training, competition work, or an addition to your collection at home.

Customer Note"

We provide an addition layer of protection to the “Ninpo Yoroi” outfit if requested at an additional cost by adding a 3mm HG Alloy plating sewed into each individual “Karlta” or octagonal shape of which traditionally is armoured using compressed lacquered paper in many Japanese combative uniforms or armour. The 3mm HG Alloy plate will give additional protection against cuts and slices to vulnerable areas of the body during combat, with similar protection to compressed lacquered paper used in traditional Samurai Armour. However, aluminium is very difficult to cut with a life blade, but it can deform on impact with one of which you need to consider? nobody want to be struck with a live blade, but it is better with some protection that without it at all?. On ordering please select either “Costume” for no Armour, or “Tactical” for Armour in the listing prior to purchase. ( The default is “Costume” )

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