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Ordering & Purchasing

All of the components that make up the Shadow Warrior uniforms are listed below, of which can either be purchased directly from our warehouse or from a third party distribution centre. Anyone wishing to purchase the complete uniform must have paid the full amount in advance of receiving the goods, or which postage and packaging cost will be included in the overall amount. The average time between purchase and dispatch for a full uniform from the KMA Association can take 6 to 8 weeks from order to despatch. Individual items that are listed and manufactured by the KMA Association can take between 3 to 4 weeks, as these products are made to order items.


Kaku Obi

Obi are also made from materials other than silk, such as cotton, hemp and polyester, though silk obi are considered a necessity for formal occasions.

Purchace & Info
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KMA Tactical Gi

ULTIMATE USAGE: Closely woven cotton with excellent stitching is easy to wear, smooth against skin not coarse or prickly. Traditional draw string waist Gi pants are wide for kicking, squatting and seated meditation making it perfect fit

£75.94p + £20.00p p&p

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Tactical Gloves

Made from high quality aluminium rods these Tactical Gloves will protect your hand from damage against cuts or stikes from bladed weapons.

"Traditional Hand Made Product"

£54.99p + £10.00p p&p

Tactical Rod Colour
Tactical Rod Material

Tactical Gauntlets

Made from high quality aluminium rods these Tactical Gauntlets worn on the forarms will protect you from damage against cuts or stikes from bladed weapons.

"Traditional Hand Made Product"

£125.95p + £18.00p p&p

Tactical Rod Colour
Tactical Rod Material

Tactical Shin Guards

Made from high quality aluminium rods these Tactical Shin Guards worn on the lower leg to protect from damage against cuts or stikes from bladed weapons or short range impact blows.

"Traditional Hand Made Product"

£138.95p + £18.00p p&p

Tactical Rod Colour
Tactical Rod Material

Shemagh Head Scarf

They are a scarf-type wrap commonly found in arid regions to provide protection from direct sun exposure, as well to protect the mouth and eyes from blown dust and sand.



Tekkou Gauntlets

Twill single stitched cotton! 
Easy on and off elasticated grip with single finger fixed possitions! comfortably snug around your forearms!
Hand make in the UK!


Marugo%20 %20Tabi%20Boots

Tabi Boots

Black Japanese Rikio Fighter Ninja outdoor Jika tabi boots (JP 27 approx UK 8 EU 42)



Samurai Mask

Ghost of Tsushima Mask Jin Sakai Cosplay Half Face Samurai Warrior Face Prop Resin (Silver Colour)



Sageo Cord

The discipline of Sageo is a traditional way of tying loose garment of a Kimono, maintaining a fixed position of your Katana to your belt or Obi, retaining a variety of concealed weapons within your garments, to Tasuki or the practice of binding or restraining your enemies limbs for the purpose of capture or interrogation.

"Traditional Hand Made Product"

£17.95p + £10.00p


Senshi Tabi Socks

High Quality Materials Used - Only the highest quality materials have been picked and used in order to provide the socks with supreme and long lasting durability as well as being extremely comfortable and highly easy to use for the user



Shimenawa Rope

The Shimenawa Rope is a traditional method of securing a Shemagh Head Scarf without the necessity to tie a knot to keep in place.  A Shimenawa is comonly worn by members of the Dark Arts Association. You can identify all Shadow Members by this type of Rope.

"Traditional Hand Made Product"

£40.99p + £10.00p


Kyahan Shin Wraps

These Kyahan are made entirely by my hand, and are typically constructed from a double layered blend of linen and Twill fabric. This blend preserves a traditional feel, while maintaining durability.

"Traditional Hand Made Product"

£54.99p + 10.00p p&p

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Samurai Store

The quality authentic forged & polished samurai sword collection. Blades with great tempered patterns & Ornate mountings. Antiques or Contemporary. All Japanese swords listed here come with certificates from NBTHK or vendors

placeholder image

Samurai Musium

Most of the authentic swords were made between 150 to 400 years ago. It is often said that real sword chooses you and makes you buy it and not the other way around. If you get to like the sword as soon as you see it online, that might mean the real sword “chooses” you.


Complete Shadow Warrior Outfit

All complete uniforms can take between 6 to 8 weeks before being dispatched from our warehouse. 

Total Cost = £646.52p +  Postal Charges

“Weapons are not included in the overall cost and have to be purchased separately” Postal charges can vary between £43.00p within the Uk & unto £85.00p internationally. Customers can collect from us of which postal charges will be refunded.
"Please Note"

Please note that when purchacing the complete Shadow Warrior Outfit that all Gi tops come in a standard 190 grams Black heavy duty material as standard within each order or consignment, if you would like either s smaller or larger size then please email us within 14 days in order to make the necessary changes before despatching your product. All Oni Half Face Samurai Masks can vary in style and colour due to availability of the product from the manufacturer, and no two Mask will be identical as they can either be cast pressed or hand crafted products.  All Shadow Warrior Oufits are made to order with the very best materials and products available, and with this said no two outfits will be identical having supple differences that makes then unique to each wearer.

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Senior Members

Our four experts and administrators for social media websites, including our online school for the art of Kokido-Ryu-Ninjutsu-ninjutsu.

Sensei Treanor

Master of Arts of the Kokido-Ryu-Ninjutsu, Honjojutsu Katori Ryu, Battojutsu Katori Ryu, member of the Dark Arts Association.


Matt Lewis

Matt Lewis specialist in his field and a gifted shadow warrior, moral booster, and head hunter during the Shadow Trials.


Graham Blackford

Graham Blackford bush craft expert and trials champion, admin, and senior instructor, member of the Dark Arts Association.


Terry Lloyd

Terry Lloyd exceptional martial artist and weapons expert, member of the Dark Arts Association.