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Six or Twelve Months Access & Online Membership

Your Choice! Twelve Or Six Month's

Your Membership is valid for the purposes of "Online Tuition Only” as a student of the Kokido-Ryu-Ninjutsu Martial Arts, and does not cover “Active Membership" to the KMA-Association at Local Schools or Dojos for lessons. The membership gives access to the introduction course in Kokido Ryu Ninjutsu plus an additional 3 Months ” Free” access to the “Yellow Belt Room” in the “Study Room”, but only when you first sign up. The "Yellow Belt" grade in the Study Room will only be accessible for a “3 Month” enitially from the start of your membership, from which access can only be given on a "Pay as You Go basis”  which can access at any time in the future.

Please read the Privacy Policy and the KMA Association Entitlement Policy before proceeding to payment.

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"Registration Form For Online Course"

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12 or 6 Month Membership

£195.00p or £139.00p

If you have read both the “KMA Association Entitlement Policy” and the “Privacy Policy" regarding the KMA - Association Membership and am happy to continue. Please register yourself using the registration form provided above, then go to the payment section below.

"Please allow up to 24hrs to process your registration".

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